Tuesday, February 28, 2012

dear Fursa's friends, this is a new start!!

Together with Fursa boys we want to keep you updated about what is happening week after week here with us in Isiolo.
The posts will be written by the older boys of the Fursa Children Centre and they will be translated in Italian too.
We hope many of you will follow us and we would love receiving your comments, suggestions, encouragement or queries...

Today I'll leave you with Tony, one of the 12 boys we had started the history of Fursa with, almost four years ago. It's few weeks that Tony went to attend the high school: another step towards the fulfilment of his dreams... good luck Tony!!

Hi my name is Antony Murithi, I am 15 years old. Have been in fursa since 2009 and now I am studying in secondary school in Meru, a nearby town . My life has been really interesting because have met with various friends from every part of Kenya and other countries. I am so happy to be in high school 'cause I'm now going to do all my best to achieve my goals and to be a good example for my younger brothers at home. I will work hard to give them a chance to study too. Greetings to all our friends!!

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  1. Hi Tony! Do you remember me? I want to wish you good luck for your studies and tell you that we are all proud of you! Great for me all Fursa's boys and girls, write soon on the blog!