Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pilots and Doctors

I translate for you the words of our twins at Fursa Children Centre. They are 9 years old and attend class 3 of primary school. They are always happy, always going around singing and dancing and they make us be proud of them everytime reaching to be the first students in their classes... Let's listen to them:

Hallo friends! This is the picture of us together with our instructor, Mr Abdi.
"My name is Mochoi, I'm the short guy with jumper of  italian team...". "...and my name is Kerenya, twin brother of Mochoi".
Long time ago, when we were not in school, it was difficult for us to get food at home; we used to go to town, market zone, to look for tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes not good for selling so that we can go with it at home, and contribute with what our mum has prepared for lunch. One time we went to sell some old tomatoes to our neighbor so that she could feed the ducks. An old lady met us there and asked us why we haven't gone to school. We answered the truth: our mother didn't have the money to take us to school, buy for us breakfast every morning, the uniform, books and pens necessary to attend classes. The lady told us to go and look for a chance in FURSA. So we did. Since then, three years ago, we go to school everyday and we get our food and what we need in the centre. We visit our mother once in a while and she is happy to see us healthy and growing well. In our family we are eight children: we have three elder sisters who didn't finish school and now are working as househelp, our three young brothers have not gone to school. We like studying and we don't want to leave school before time, like our sisters. We want to be a pilot and a doctor.   

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