Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The small camel herder

Joseph is a 12-year-boy old friend of Fursa. He has been in the street since he was orphaned as very small child. After being with Fursa for nearly a year, he ran away, tired of the committments and responsibilities of school life. 
From that day Joseph was used as camel herder by the wealthy, powerful and unscrupulous animal owners. He survived three years left without pay and sometimes even food. After learning the life from his experience he longed to go back to school and to lead a child life.
He came back to Fursa with his best cloth and holding the hand of his grandfather interceding for him.
Today Joseph attended an interview with his headteacher Abdullahi Rashid to enter class 3 in Waso primary school. Look at them in the photo... we bet he will make it!!

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